Valuable online education/training resource that is FREE


head-martinI’m writing to remind you about a valuable online education/training resource that is FREE to you – and your family – as a CWA Canada member.

Through CWA/NETT Academy, you and your family members can access and over 2,000 online courses on everything from Excel, to web design, to video editing. It’s a $375/year value free to you as a member of the union.

So how do you get started? Simply contact your Local leadership or staff and they will email you the registration details.

This is part of CWA Canada’s ongoing effort to serve members, and I hope you find a course that interests you.

All the best,

Martin O’Hanlon
Director, CWA Canada

Why are so many journalists willing to write for free?

(Article reprinted from

By Kathleen Kuehn

Last March, an editor from The Atlantic approached freelance journalist Nate Thayer about repurposing an article he’d published elsewhere for the news magazine’s website. Unfortunately, the editor informed him, freelance funds had run out. In lieu of payment, the opportunity would offer Thayer “exposure” to The Atlantic’s 13 million monthly readers.

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