American Newspaper Guild
Charter No. 205
Ottawa Newspaper Guild
Local No. 205 of the American Newspaper Guild is established by this Charter granted to :

Robert H. Abra
A Roger Appleton
W.M. Arnott
Wilfred Bell
James G. Bloom
Verner A. Bower
Charles Bruyere
C.E. Cameron
Eric R.J. Cawdron
William R. Channon
Greg J. Connolley
Archie K. Davie
Molly DeProsse
Maureen Duffus
Ben Dworkin
Joseph C. Finn
William M. Gladish
Murray Goldblatt
Claude Hammerston
Frank E. Hanratty
Dorothy Howey
William j. Hurlow
Fred R. Inglis
John B. Kinsella
William T. Lamour
Alex J. Larose
Joseph Leblanc
Fred D. McGuire
William McNamee
Percy Newman
John T. Pask
Thomas Sarsfield
Maxwell J. Seeley
Richard W. Statham
Esther Strutt
Lauretta Thistle
Donald Thompson
Phillip Thompson
Ralph Vickers
William Watson
Carl Weiselberger
Ronald Williams
Phyllis Wilson

and all members hereafter in Ottawa Newspaper Guild the aforementioned having agreed that they and the Ottawa Newspaper Guild will at all times abide by the Constitution and Convention mandates of the American Newspaper Guild, and be subject thereto.

This Charter confers upon the membership of the Ottawa Newspaper Guild all the rights, powers and duties pertaining to a local of the American Newspaper Guild under its Constitution.

In witness of the granting of the charter by the action of the International Executive Board of the American Newspaper Guild on the 1st day of December, 1949, we have hereunder set out hands and seals this 1st day of December 1949.


Harry Martin, President
Ralph B. Novak, Secretary-Treasurer